About Bowtie Dental

An online healthy lifestyle magazine from a dental point of view – Advice on how to live a healthy LIFESMILE

.🎀.Happiness.🎀. Confidence.🎀.Empowerment.🎀.

We at Bowtie Dental have a passion for Lifesmile Dentisty. We see dental health as a lifestyle, making healthy choices and forming healthy habits. It’s an ethos that comes from our founder and director,  cosmetic dentist Dr. Rita Trakhtman. This dentist believes that people need not only comprehensive care, but also comprehensive information to make the best possible healthcare decisions — for themselves, their children and elderly family members.

In 2016, Dr. Rita Trakhtman launched the Bowtie Dental – Serving Your Smile, a patient-education blog available on the web nationwide. Since then, the Bowtie Dental has grown to become a leading source for trusted, patient-friendly dental information across all media platforms.

Smilist Dr. Rita Trakhtman continues to hold all Bowtie Dental content to the highest standards of evidence, science and relevance. This highly accomplished individual is committed to providing the finest educational content possible for dental patients around the world.