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How To Pamper Your Teeth

When we think about how much money, time, maintenance and care we invest in making our hair, nails, and body look good, and compare it to the care we put in for our teeth, it doesn’t seem equal


We get haircuts and hairmasks for our hair, manicures and pedicures for nails, facials for our skin, and we go to the gym to look after our body. Yet our teeth are pretty up there when you think about how much we need them and rely on them. Our teeth are the things we use to smile with, they frame our face, we use them to bite into and chew food with, we make sounds with them, they help us with our speech, they help us give a good first impression for job interviews and dating, and they affect our self-esteem and mental health….. yet they seem to miss out on the TLC that our hair, nails and skin seem to get.


Getting your teeth cleaned is no different to getting a haircut to get rid of all the split-ends for your hair, or a manicure and pedicure for our nails. Not to mention that our hair is actually already dead – did you know that? Even our nails, that we try to look after so carefully, are dead. Yet each one of our teeth has its own nerve, blood supply and lymphatic system. We only have 32 of them in our whole lifetime.

When you put it that way, a 6monthly check up and clean is the least we can do for our smile.







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