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Smacial – How To Make Your Own Smile Facial At Home

What You Need For Your Smacial:

  • electric toothbrush (manual toothbrush if you don’t have an electric one)
  • floss or something similar (e.g. flossette/ pixters)
  • toothpaste
  • Toothmousse

Brush your teeth, followed by flossing. Wait half hour.


Put a large pea-size amount of Toothmousse cream on your pinky. Smear the cream along your front teeth, then use your tongue to smear the rest of the cream to your back teeth.

Leave in your mouth for as long as possible, aim for 2 minutes.

Then spit the rest of the cream into the sink, but do not rinse.

Do not eat or drink for the next hour. Ideally you want to do the smacial at nighttime, before you go to bed.

Do this on the days that you’ve had more sugar than normal, or on nights where you have been eating and/or drinking all night.

  • Remember, sugar means bread, crackers, pasta, dried fruit, honey, not just your typical chocolate and lollies.

Toothmousse is awesome for those who are wondering. It works differently to toothpaste. Toothpaste’s active ingredient is fluoride, the stuff found in tap water. Toothmousse contains the milk protein casein, which is found in cheese, milk and all other diary products. You can only get Toothmousse from the dentist.




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