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Smile Beauty Trends

Smile fashion trends around the world, then and now

With so many fashion trends around the word that come and go, it’s hard to sometimes be up-to-date with what is trending. When we look into past trends, there are certain fashion  styles that made the era iconic. For example, the 70s meant flared pants, peace symbol jewellery and daisy flower hair accessories.  I couldn’t help but look into the smile trends, let’s call them ‘smends’ that have gone on in the past decade. Let’s just say they are unusual 🙂

Pop culture: Gaps in between the teeth


Model Georgia May Jagger, the daughter of model Jerry Hall and Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, is famous for the gap between her front two teeth. Georgia has revealed how she begged her mother to get her some corrective braces, in a bid to rid herself of the gap between her two front teeth. However, Georgia now thanks her mum for staying strong and not getting her braces, as she has grown to love her smile.

Photo from Fanshare


Teeth Tattoos


Apparently body tattoos are not enough for some. Teeth tattoos intend to bring shock and awe the same way when you saw that someone was inked up.

So how does tattooing your teeth work exactly?


For temporary tattoos – this fad started in Japan and has been around since the early 2000s. Temporary tattoos stick on the teeth in the same way that they’re used with nail art. Some women even match their teeth tattoo to their nail designs. These stickers are glued on with a special water-resistant adhesive which sticks the tattoo to the tooth enamel, and after a day or so, tend to begin to peel.

For permanent tattoos – for starters you have to be getting a cap or a crown placed on your tooth, because your teeth actually can’t hold ink. The upside to teeth tattoos is that it forces you to keep your teeth clean because you’ll make sure the pretty artwork doesn’t get covered in plaque.

Tooth jewellery – get some dental bling with these bonded-on Swarovski diamonds.



Photos from: Dental jewels

Indonesia: Pointy Teeth

IndonesiaWomen from a tribe in Indonesia have a ritual of shaving down their teeth down into narrow, sharp points. The ceremony of chiseling your teeth is supposed to induce humility and rid oneself of arrogance and provide inner peace and spirituality. Without anaesthesia, this painful procedure is almost like a spiritual cleanser for the soul.


Japan – Tsuke Yaeba Teeth


Twilight-LJapanse women get procedures to have crooked teeth, or ‘double teeth’ procedures implemented to achieve a snaggle-tooth smile to give the effect of dental overcrowding. Yaeba means “double tooth” in Japanese. In Japanese culture, young women with these kind of crooked teeth are considered cute and innocent. Tokyo dentists had an abundance of patients queuing up for this cosmetic procedure. It was shown that Asian men preferred this look to straight teeth as it was “cuter” and “younger”. It was so popular that a Japanese girl band called Tsuke-Yaeba48 or TY48 formed and of course – they had these quirky teeth too.



I wonder what the next smend will be…. 🙂



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