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A Filling For Your Tooth Is No Different To What A Shoe Is For Your Feet

The cost of a filling or restoration is about the cost of a good quality pair of shoes. When we think about it, a filling for your tooth isn’t that much different to what a shoe is for your feet.

Imagine you had to design the perfect shoe for your tooth. You would have to wear the same pair of shoes day in and day out, and you weren’t allowed to take the shoes off at night. Well, the same design principles for the perfect shoes for your feet are no different to the design principles for the perfect shoe for your tooth:

  • feel comfortable
  • does not wear
  • look smashing
  • makes you look hot
  • strong enough to endure the toughness of any hard surface
  • does not melt in extremes of temperature


A filling is designed to endure extreme temperature ranges from ice cream, cold drinks and cocktails to hot teas, coffees and soups. It is strong that it can withstand physical forces, as you use your teeth to bite into apples, chicken bones and sticky foods. They’ve got to look good, look like a natural tooth and not get dark and stain over time. We actually expect a lot out of fillings. They’re actually a pretty nifty piece of technology when we think about it.


Going back to the shoe analogy, I want you to think about how many wears you get out of each of pair of shoes? Compare that to the 24/7 ‘wear’ your filling endures in your mouth. The cost of a filling doesn’t seem like much when we think about it.


The same cost that you would pay to get a tooth restored is the same price you’d pay for a quality pair of shoes. You’re definitely getting more bang for your buck for your filling. We only have 2 feet. We have 32 teeth. Yet we are willing to spend more money on our feet than on our smiles.




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