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Your Gums Frame Your Smile

4 good habits people with healthy gums have

Author: Dr Rita Trakhtman, cosmetic dentist, East St Kilda

Gum disease sounds so sinister. It’s another way of saying dirty gums. Dirty gums bleed. People with healthy gum have 4 great habits that I would like you to adopt. Here they are:

  • . They see their dentist regularly for check up and cleans. The frequency with which you should be seeing your dentist will be determined by your dentist. If your teeth are routinely in good health, he or she will probably want to see you every six months for a clean. If you certain medical conditions that affect your gum health (e.g. diabetes), they might want to see you every three months. Either way, keeping ahead of any teeth issues will be less expensive than putting off the dentist and possibly paying through the nose later.

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  • They own an electric toothbrush. Most people who use a manual toothbrush do a good job at brushing their teeth but unintentionally neglect the part of where the gums and the teeth meet. It’s hard to suddenly change a habit that you’ve been doing for X amount of years. Rather than learning a new brushing technique which you’re probably going to forget about a day later, I recommend you buy an electric toothbrush. It does the hard work for you. Read more about electric toothbrushes here Leading The Way In Results Driven Care

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  1. They floss nightly.  Yes, it’s hard. It is a hard habit to get into. It’s like some people got into the habit of reading from a young age. For adults who have never gotten into the habit of reading or going to gym, it’s really hard to get into that habit. Flossing is just as hard, if not harder. Do not underestimate the difficulty of flossing. Read Flossession – How To Become Obsessed With Flossing.


  1. They’re consistent with their regimen. With brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist, don’t get motivated for a week and then fall off the wagon. Consistency translates to less severity of gum disease and money better spent on online shopping.


A note about mouthwash for healthier gums:

If you want a mouthwash for the gums, I would recommend you first brush your teeth better before spending money on a mouthwash. If you’ve got gum disease (bleeding gums), a mouthwash won’t help you. It’s not the first protocol of action. If you’re a smoker and you think a mouthwash will stop you from losing your teeth and stopping your gums from receding, then you would be mistaken. I am sure one day the scientists will invent something awesome like that but not today I am afraid. Quit smoking.


  • Use for 2 weeks, 2xday AM and PM, 1hr before or after brushing your teeth
  • Don’t use it for 5 weeks
  • Use it for 2 weeks
  • Don’t use it for 5 weeks
  • Use it for 2 weeks
  • Don’t use it for 5 weeks

Savavol (alcohol-free) is great for managing (not treating gum diease but helping the gums settle down a little bit) gum disease short-term. It is usued 2xday morning and night time, about 1 hour before or after brushing your teeth, for 2 weeks. You need to wait an hour because it’s so strong it interacts with toothpaste. You use it for 2 weeks, then do not use it for 5 weeks, then use it again for 2 weeks, then don’t use it for 5 weeks etc. If you use it for longer than 2 weeks, it will stain your teeth and fillings and the stains are a nuisance to remove. You can’t remove them, your dentist has a special machine that does it. For the 5 weeks that you don’t use Savacol, you can use something like Colgate Plax (the pink bottle) but better yet let your gums have a rest for those 5 week intervals.

Author: Dr Rita Trakhtman, cosmetic dentist, East St Kilda



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