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Dry Mouth


Mouth feels like sand paper? Care for your mouth with these life-changing tips!

Author: Dr Rita Trakhtman, cosmetic dentist, East St Kilda

This article is not for thirsty people who have dry mouth because they don’t drink enough of water. This is for the people with dry mouth whose dry mouth affects their sleep and quality of life. This is usually an age-related problem, for men and women in their ripened age.


As we age our mouth can get so dry to the point that the dry mouth can disturb our sleep. If you’re in that category, you know how frustrating it is to wake up from a dry mouth. It is a real problem.

Do me a favour – please don’t try the Biotene mouthwash. The mouthwash that you see occasionally advertised on TV and pharmacies do a great job at advertising it as well. I have never had a patient saying it works. It does not work.


Toothmousse is great for dry mouth. You put a large pea-size amount in your mouth and rub the cream all along your teeth and mouth right before you go to bed. Keep a tube by your bedside so if you do wake up in the middle of the night, just smear some cream on and go back to sleep. You’ll wake up less often using this cream. Toothmousse gel acts like a long-lasting lubricant. Bonus is it is also amazing for your teeth.



Carry a bottle of water with you during the day. When you drink it, it’s better to sip small amounts than drink a large amount at once. You’ll pee less, which means you’ll retain more water if you sip in small amounts of water.


Suck on sugar-free, mint lollies. Don’t suck on any fruit-flavoured lollies because they soak up more saliva than mint flavours and they’re also acidic.

Chew sugar-free, mint gum. Don’t chew any fruit-flavoured gum for the same reason as fruit-flavoured lollies. They soak up more saliva than mint flavours and they’re also acidic.

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If you’re concerned your dry mouth may be related to your general wellbeing, you can also go to your GP for a general blood test.


Author: Dr Rita Trakhtman, cosmetic dentist, East St Kilda




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