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Lipstick shades that make your pearly whites brighter

The Art Of Illusion

Author: Dr Rita Trakhtman, cosmetic dentist, East St Kilda

Here are some Dos and Don’ts when it comes to harnessing the make-up tricks to make your pearly whites as white as they can be!

When it comes to make-up, the logic behind which colour to choose is all about an optical illusion and how certain colours reflect on your teeth. You want cool, blue hues to reflect your teeth as blue reflections makes your teeth look whiter. In contrast, what you don’t want is any yellow reflections reflecting on to your teeth, as they will make your teeth look more yellow.


Image source: Marie Claire 


  • Choose: Glossy lip colours. Glossy, shiny lips means your teeth will look whiter because of the shiny reflections.
  • Avoid: Matte lip colors as they can make your teeth look dull.
  • Choose: Silver shimmer lipgloss as they enhance your smile.
  • Avoid: Gold, yellow or bronze-toned shimmer as they reflect yellow on your teeth.
  • If colour isn’t your thing and you prefer the nudes, sheer colours with a hint of gloss are the way to go.


  • Choose: Whether you like red or pink lipstick, pick the blue undertones as blue-based colours will help cancel out any orange or yellow tones on your teeth. Go for plums, berries, raspberries and rich deep reds and pinks which counteracts nicely to any yellow.
  • Avoid: Orange, coral and brown undertones as they can reflect yellow on your teeth.
  • Choose: Darker colours as it offers greater colour contrast to the teeth
  • Avoid: Palers colours
  • If you have fair skin, try a red stain instead of lipstick, and top with a sheer gloss. For darker skin, pick a deep burgundy.






For names of lipstick brands, go to: Images re-posted from this site 

What about the skin and eyes?


  • Using a bronzer  will accentuate the whiteness of your teeth. Apply bronzer to your T-zone and contour line of your cheeks.



  • If you’re going to wear a coloured eyeshadow, cooler shades such as greens and purples can act as a great distraction from any yellow in your teeth.


Author: Dr Rita Trakhtman, cosmetic dentist, East St Kilda



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