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Reasons to use ditch your manual toothbrush and upgrade to an electric one

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Author: Dr Rita Trakhtman, cosmetic dentist, East St Kilda

If your dentist has ever told you to brush better, forget it. You’re not going to brush better.

Your brushing style is a habit that you’ve been doing for YEARS. Let’s face it, you’re not going to suddenly change your habit and start the brush better. Old habits die hard.

Ditch your old toothbrush and buy an electric one.

Are electric toothbrushes really better?

Not only do electric toothbrushes clean better, they are remove stains better. The reality is, electric toothbrushes do a better job. The electric toothbrush does all the hard work for you and does a much better job. A recent Cochrane Review (2014) concluded that powered toothbrushes reduce plaque and gingivitis more than manual toothbrushing. Electric toothbrushes work by rotating uber fast and the faster it rotates, the better it cleans.


Studies have shown that using an electric toothbrush will reduce stain formation on teeth. Plaque has a tendency to harbour stains and keeping your teeth clean will slow stain formation. I wouldn’t brush immediately after eating and drinking because your teeth may still be “soft” from the acidity in the food, as long as you thoroughly clean your teeth twice a day this will take care of the plaque.


What type of toothbrush should I get?


  • oscillating
  • around $100 price range
  • don’t waste money on a fancy timer
  • Braun
  • simple round head

The cost of the toothbrush is directly related to how fast the head rotates. In terms of price range, you’d want to be looking at something around $100. Don’t waste your money on a fancy timer. Look for an electric toothbrush without a timer. Braun is a good brand – the Germans know what they are doing when it comes to their electricals. Braun is pretty much the Mercedes of toothbrushes. Shaver Shop is my preferred place for purchasing an electric toothbrush.

Is it easy to use?

There is a learning curve with electric toothbrushes. You’d be tempted at first to press too hard along the teeth and gums but after a few days you’ll quickly get used to doing less work in front of the mirror. Enjoy!

So what happened when I switched from my electric toothbrush to a manual one?

In 3 days my gums became sore and they were bleeding when I brushed.

For more high quality, peer-reviewed, evidence-based research on dental care, you can check out


Author: Dr Rita Trakhtman, cosmetic dentist, East St Kilda



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