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Treatment options to improve your smile

Smiles With Style

Author: Dr. Rita Trakhtman, cosmetic dentist, East St Kilda

If you look beautiful, you feel beautiful. Changing the way your smile looks won’t just change the way you look. It will change the way you see yourself and how you feel around others.

Your smile frames your face and can really make a difference to how you look and how people perceive you. Taking the step in improving your smile is an emotional journey. When you’re ready for that stage, you’re probably getting the rest of your life on track too.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your smile, chances are you’ve recently started looking after yourself in other aspects of your life too. You may have lost weight, started a healthy eating lifestyle, bought a new wardrobe and regained your sense of self and self-identity. Well done and welcome to the new and improved you.

There are several ways you can improve your smile.

Clear braces for adults

Worn for about 12months, costs about $6000


White braces for adults 

Worn for about 6-12months, costs about $6000

IMG_0065 2.JPG

Conventional braces 

Worn for about 1-3 years, costs about $7000-$9000


Veneers are coverings for your front teeth. They make your smile look more beautiful by changing the shape, size or colour of your teeth. It’s immediate, you can get it done on one tooth or multiple teeth. Examples of when you would want a veneer is if you have a tooth that is crooked, small, discoloured or you have gaps in between your teeth.



Gum lifts for those with a gummy smile. Your gums cover some of the part of the teeth, which makes your teeth look smaller than they really are and it looks unproportional.



IMG_7076 2.jpg

Whitening as a stand-alone treatment: Whitening is a beautiful way to brighten your smile. It may be the simple boost you need to gain confidence in your smile.

Whitening before getting veneers done. A smart idea is to whiten your teeth before getting veneers. Once you get veneers, you can’t whiten them. You can still whiten the rest of your teeth just not the veneers. You can always whiten your teeth in the future but this may mean your veneers may need a touch-up.

Whitening after braces. It’s a nice way of rewarding yourself and getting the full affect of your smile makeover.



Author: Dr. Rita Trakhtman, cosmetic dentist, East St Kilda



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