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7 Random Facts About Smiling You Did Not Know

…and probably don’t need to know 

1. It takes 5 to 53 facial muscles to smile

2. There are 19 types of smiles. Researchers were able to categorize 19 different types of smiles into two categories: polite, “social” smiles and those that were genuinely happy smiles. Among the list is the “embarrassed” smile, “genuine” smile and “loving” smile.


3. Newborns are able to smile. Most people think it takes a few weeks for that first smile, which is true if you do not count smiles in their sleep. Babies start smiling in their sleep as soon as they are born.

4. Boy babies smile less than girl babies, who also make more eye contact.

5. Babies smile in utero!


6. Smiles are the most easily recognizable facial expression: People can recognize smiles from up to 300 feet away, making it the most easily recognizable facial expression.

7. Women smile more than men



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