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Foods that stain your teeth and foods that whiten your teeth


If you want to keep your teeth white, check this list of foods and beverages that stain teeth.

  1. Wine. Red wine, an acidic beverage that contains chromogens and tannins, is notorious for staining teeth. Swap your reds for your whites with white wine. White wine promotes staining too because of its acidity, but it’s a better alternative to the reds.


2. Beer. Like wine, it’s a highly acidic drinks can soften tooth enamel.



3. Tea. The black tea that many of us drink is rich in stain-promoting tannins. Research finds that tea is a bigger stainer than coffee!



4. Coke. Chromogen-rich and acidic, coke can cause significant staining. In fact, most soft drinks (regardless of their colour) are sufficiently acidic to soften enamel and make it porous enough to promote staining of teeth by other foods and beverages.



5. Sweets. Coloured lollies, snakes, jelly beans and other sweets can stain teeth because of their colouring agents. A good habit to have when eating sweets: It’s  better to have sweets as a dessert (straight after a meal) rather than as a snack on its own. Limit the number of times you eat sugar, and focus less on the quantity of sugar. In other words, eat the whole chocolate bar at once after dinner, rather than taking a bite of chocolate every half an hour.




6. Sauces. Tomato sauce, curry sauce, soy sauce and other deeply coloured sauces are have significant staining potential.



On the flip side, here are some great foods to eat to prevent your teeth from staining.

Calcium-rich foods

  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Yoghurt

These dairy products are teeth superfoods. Their high calcium content strengthens teeth, making enamel healthier and whiter. Hard cheeses has more calcium than soft cheeses


Crunchy foods

  • Vegies
  • Fresh fruit
  • Nuts



Chewing increases saliva production, which washes away food debris, leaving teeth clean and sparkling. Saliva also has heaps of healthy enzymes and bacteria-killing powers.

The mild abrasiveness of these foods also removes superficial stains on your teeth.

Pop a few almonds for a mid-afternoon snack – they’re full of omega 3, protein and the crunch you need.



Drinks lots of water to keep your mouth hydrated and your smile bright.  Water reduces the acidity in your mouth, so sip and swish some water in between glasses of wine.







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