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Having healthy gums reduces your risk of diabetes

Science has proven a two-way relationship between diabetes and gum disease. Looking after your gums can actually improve your diabetes control, and vice versa. Patients who get their gums cleaned regularly every 3-6 months can actually improve their diabetes control so much so that getting a regular clean by the dentist is the equivalent to taking on another dose of diabetic medication.

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According to Journal of Clinical Periodontally 2013 Consensus Report, there is consistent and robust evidence that severe periodontitis (gum disease involving bone loss around the teeth), adversely affects blood glucose levels expressed as HbA1C in individuals with and without diabetes. Moderate-to-severe periodontitis is associated with an increased risk for the development of diabetes. Evidence supports a dose-dependent role for periodontitis and diabetes complications.

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Effects of diabetes on your body is a series of chemical responses. People with poorly controlled diabetes are more prone to infection, including gum infection, because their body’s ability to defend itself is reduced. Diabetic people who don’t look after their health are also more prone to getting severe forms of gum disease and are more likely to lose teeth because of their condition.
It’s even more important for diabetics to have regular dental cleans than people without diabetes. Not to mention other common oral issues apart from gum disease that diabetics may suffer from, such as dry mouth, oral fungus and poor quality saliva.



Reference: Journal of Clinical Periodontology

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