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Why Flossing Adds Years To Your Life

Find out why!

Flossing your teeth increases life expectancy, with an estimated average of 2 years.

Prominent gerontologist (ageing doctor) Dr. Tom Perls says flossing every day is so crucial to health that it’s one of the questions included in his Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator.

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The tool uses parameters like diet, exercise, and health habits to determine your life expectancy. Dr Perls, the creator of the calculator and professor at Boston University School of Medicine,  said only one question on the quiz addresses flossing, but the calculator estimates that this yes or no could be worth around one year of life.Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.32.14 pm.png

So how does flossing have such dramatic health benefits?

Leading gerontologist Dr. Roizen, author of YOU: Staying young, says nightly flossing can add an extra six years.

Dr. Roizen explains in his book RealAge, “Flossing your teeth daily can make your arteries younger. The probable reason: Flossing helps keep your immune system young… the same bacteria that cause periodontal disease also trigger an immune response, inflammation, that causes the arteries to swell. The swelling of the arterial walls results in a constriction of blood flow that can lead to a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease. Other studies have shown that periodontal disease leads to a higher white blood cell count, which is an indicator that the immune system is under increased stress…. Poor oral hygiene and particularly increased tooth loss are important indicators of your risk. The fewer teeth you have, the greater your risk of gum infections.”

Indeed, the mouth is a gateway into your body’s overall health.

According to Dr. Roizen, men who have regular sex in a happy monogamous heterosexual relationship live up to 5 years longer too!

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Conclusion? Floss and you will live longer!



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