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Melbourne’s The Alfred Hospital reduces sales of sugary drinks by almost 30 per cent

The trial tested if changes in location and price of sugary drinks would impact sales. Sugar-sweetened drinks, include: soft drinks, iced teas, sports and milk drinksThe results? Sales in sugary drinks fell by 36,500 in a year.

The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne did the trial to see if making small changes in the placement and prices of drinks would have an impact on what people chose.

The changes saw sugar-sweetened beverages sales fall by 36,500 drinks each year.

The Alfred Hospital



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Kirstan Corben (left) and cafe owner Eli Dannaoui at Alf’s Cafe in the hospital, where the first trial saw the sale of sugary drinks drop by 28 per cent

Owner of Alf’s Cafe at the Alfred ,Eli Dannaoui, owner of Alf’s Cafe, agreed to the trial. ‘We wanted to see what would happen if we took them (the sugary drinks) off the shelves and put them in fridges below the counter,’ Ms Corben said.

Ms Corben said she ‘started to see immediate change in drinks people were buying, people were starting to substitute.’

This trial saw a huge 71 per cent decrease in sugary drinks being purchased.


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