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World Breastfeeding Week


The start of August marks not only Dental Health Week in Australia, but also the start of World Breastfeeding Week. Did you know breast milk is far better for your baby’s teeth compared to formula? Your child’s baby teeth are important, and are still susceptible to cavities. Tooth decay in infants and toddlers is often referred to as Early Childhood Caries. Children need strong, healthy teeth to chew their food, speak and have a good-looking smile. Their first teeth also help make sure their adult teeth come in correctly. It’s important to start infants off with good oral care to help protect their teeth for decades to come.

While breastfeeding is recognised as the ideal means of substance for infants, breastfeeding can be challenging for many women and it’s important that we talk about the barriers so that the next generation of mums know how to avoid or overcome them. Did you encounter any issues? If so, how did you overcome them? 

Bosom Buddies is a grassroots campaign that invites you to publicly show your support for breastfeeding mothers. By channelling the media interest in breastfeeding stories into positive outcomes, Bosom Buddies seeks to foster a more constructive conversation about how we as a community can lend our support to women who choose to breastfeed.

For more information about the ‘Bosom Buddies Campaign’, please visit their website:

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