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How A Straight Smile Takes Years Off Your Life

How orthodontics and cosmetic dental treatment enhances youth 

Time stops for no one! Understanding how the face and the underlying skeleton change as we get older has an enormous impact on how dentistry can create positive change.

Having an understanding of the ageing process is fundamentally important to acheiving the the best results from cosmetic dental treatment. Ample research shows the inevitable facial changes that occur over time, and the potential impact they can and do have on treatment decisions. The influence of these factors on orthodontics and cosmetic dental work has been quite significant. Thus, the focus of cosmetic and orthodontic treatment is recognising the importance of how teeth provide support to the soft tissues (lips, cheeks, tongue), define a smile, and contribute to the overall appearance of the face.

Ageing Is Inevitable 

The idea that cosmetic dental treatment, orthodontics and facial aesthetics should be considered as a trio is not a new concept but often gets overlooked. By bearing in mind these inter-related concepts, the specialties of dentistry can work together to produce the best long-term treatment results that make you look younger by having a more youthful-looking smile.


Changes To Our Face As We Age

Studies have shown that significant skeletal, facial, and other soft tissue changes continue from mid-adulthood (22 to 45 years old) into old age (80+ years old). As we age, our facial profile becomes flatter as the nose gets longer and the lower part of the face becomes shorter. As the lip naturally lowers because of gravity, our lips cover more of our teeth and the less our teeth are shown when we speak and when we smile. These findings have definite implications for both orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry and should be taken into consideration when planning treatment. 

Changes To Our Lips As We Age

The natural loss of tooth structure also affects the form of the lips.  Younger females have plump lips with an S- curve from the bottom of the nose to the teeth.  In addition, youthful lips are shorter than older lips. This picture below shows the lips of a 25 year old and a 65 year old.  Note that the youthful lips are curved, plump and short while the older patients upper lip is elongated and has lost its volume and natural curves.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 1.17.54 pm.png

Source: lovethatface

When was the last time you smiled?

There are ample studies to show that smiling has also been shown to make people look more attractive and younger.


To create an organic, natural result for a smile makeover, Dr. Rita Trakhtman says it is important to understand how the face and the underlying skeleton change throughout life. Aesthetic dentistry have expanded horizons with greater vision than ever before.  By taking into account facial maturation and ageing,  a cosmetic dentist trained in orthdontics – such as Dr Rita Trakhtman –  is able to make aging work to their advantage so that patients get an aesthetic change when creating a smile makeover,






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