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Women fake smile more than men

Judging a smile

The research involved conducting mock job interviews with 101 participants, filming and monitoring the duration and intensity of participants’ smiles using a facial-action coding system that relies on a combination of mouth and eye movements to determine fake smiles from genuine ones. They discovered women tend to fake smiles more than men do and are more aware of these inclinations.

So why is it that women fake smile? Women fake smile as a coping mechanism in stressful or uncomfortable situations.  Researched Woodzicka explains, “When they become uncomfortable, they put on a smile to show that they will do whatever they need to get through the situation.”

For example, in a job interview, women would fake smile to try to please the interviewer. Men, however, tended to smile less and when they would smile, it would be because they “wanted to appear like a nice person.”


Reference: Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 6.34.21 pm.png



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