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6 serious perks of a straight smile

Correcting crooked teeth is about more than a straight smile…  Bite into the benefits of a straight smile. Here is a list of 6 

  1. Increased self esteem – straight teeth boost confidence socially and at work.


2. Less tooth decay and gum disease – straight teeth trap less food and plaque and make teeth easier to brush and floss. Plaque build up can lead to gum disease, decay and tooth loss.

3. Improved digestion – misaligned teeth make sufficient chewing difficult


4. Corrected speech impediments – crooked teeth impact speech patterns

5. Reduce risk of future bone loss – untreated bite problems can cause jaw bone loss. Proper bite/occlusion decreases the chance of recession of the gum tissue, bone loss ad potential loss of teeth.

6. Stronger teeth – uneven wear is common with misaligned teeth.


Straight teeth solution: clear braces

For a straighter smile, consider the advantages of clear braces. 

Effective for many bite issues – Crowding, uneven spacing, rotated teeth…

Removable clear aligners – virtually invisible. Removable when eating.

Convenient – Dentist visits every 4 weeks. Short treatment time.



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