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8 surprising occasions to brush your teeth

Written by East St Kilda dentist Dr. Rita Trakhtman

Brushing makes you feel clean, confident, refreshed, energised, healthy, lighter and skinnier. Apart from brushing twice a day as part of your regular oral care routine, here are 8 surprising occasions to brush your teeth:

  1. When you’re sick. No doubt you feel too tired to brush when you’re unwell. The only thing on your mind is getting better, not brushing. However, by taking a couple of minutes each day to take care of your teeth, you can prevent bacteria from multiplying in your mouth, which can actually make you more sick because of the mouth dwelling germs.  If that wasn’t convincing enough, when you’re sick, your mouth gets dry.  As I mentioned above, your mouth gets dry because you breathe through it more than usual when your nose is stuffy.  Coughing can also dry out the mouth.  A dry mouth allows sugar to hang around in your mouth and contributes to tooth decay. So next time you’re sick remember to continue your regular oral hygiene routine even when you don’t feel well.pexels-photo-29992-large.jpg
  2. Before a workout. Make it part of your pre-workout routine. Especially important if you eat a protein bar or a protein shake as most contain cavity-causing sugar!pexels-photo-large-2.jpg
  3. Before a date. Get kissable breath. Don’t scare your date off with smelly breath. There is nothing worse than bad breath (except for maybe B.O.!) couple-love-people-romantic-large.jpg
  4. Before a job interview or an important meeting. If you’re feeling a tad nervous, give yourself a boost of confidence with a fresh, clean smile. pexels-photo-70292-large.jpeg
  5. After a heavy meal. We’re all guilty of over-eating. Next time this happens, as soon as you come home from a big dinner brush your chompers. You’ll feel lighter. bread-food-restaurant-people-large.jpg
  6. Before you start work. Not everyone starts work in the morning and it’s always a good idea to begin work feeling good about yourself. people-woman-coffee-meeting-large.jpg
  7. To curb cravings. Trying to lose weight? Here’s a secret trick – have a healthy meal and then, before you are tempted to overeat or indulge in sweet desserts, go and brush your teeth. Mint is a natural apatite suppressant and any food after brushing doesn’t taste good. By brushing shortly after dinner rather than waiting to brush at bedtime, you can thwart late-night snack cravings.belly-body-clothes-diet-53528-large-2.jpeg
  8. When you feel tired. Brushing gives an instant boost of energy as you feel refreshed and energised.




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