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3 signs your teeth are ageing

As we age, our body undergoes subtle and slow physical changes. Unfortunately this is inevitable and unless you get surgical or chemical interventions, these physical changes keep going as we get older. Skin develops wrinkles, body parts begin to sag and hair greys, for example. But what about our teeth? What happens to our pearly whites as we age? 

  1. Top teeth become less visible as we age.

     As we age, gravity sets in and makes our top lip go lower and our bottom lip go lower too. This means that when we speak, our top teeth are no longer visible when we speak and it’s mainly our bottom teeth that show. Take, as an example, news reporters – an older news reporter – when they speak, you can only see their bottom teeth and not their top. Whereas a younger news report you can see their top teeth. 

  2. Teeth become shorter. 

    As we age, the length of your teeth naturally get shorter. This is from a combination of normal wear and tear, as well as from grinding. Most people grind their teeth to some degree while they sleep, and the scariest part is, it’s difficult to know if you’re doing it since you’re asleep when it happens! Grinding results in flattening of the teeth until they’re all one length. You spend one third of your life sleeping — why not protect your teeth with a customised night guard during this time so they still look lovely as you get older? 

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  3. Teeth become darker.

The longer we are on this earth, more dentine (the layer underneath your enamel) your teeth produce. Dentine is naturally darker than enamel so the more dentine: enamel ratio you have, the darker your teeth get. More dentine, together with a lifetime accumulation of stains from lifestyle habits (coffee, tea, wine, sauces, smoking…) all contribute to our pearly whites turning not-so-pearly. 


So what are signs of a ‘youthful’ smile?

  • Smile! – the act of smiling instantly makes you look younger! There is nothing more ageing than frowning or keeping a straight face. 
  • White, bright teeth – radiant, beautiful, sparkly whites! Grey, yellow or dark coloured teeth make you look older. 
  • Long teeth – so that the top teeth are more visible when you speak. Short, ground-down teeth make you look older than you are. 
  • A full smile – this means you don’t have any wide spaces between your teeth and that you don’t have ‘black’ gaps between your teeth. It gives the appearance of disproportionality.


How can you make your smile young again?

Get dental veneers done to regain your smile’s youth by making your smile brighter, whiter, more radiant, more beautiful and more YOU! 



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