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Are Selfies Good For You? Happiness Is Linked To Taking Pictures Of Yourself

Believe it or not, science has given us another reason why you should take more selfies!

It’s easy to dismiss the selfie as something narcissistic and self-centred, but a new study found that taking photos of oneself can actually lead to happiness. There’s no doubt that what we do on our social media is linked to our mental health.

Science has recently given us confirmation that taking selfies is actually good for your mental health.

A new study published in the Psychology of Well-Being from the University of California, just revealed that taking selfies can make you a happier and more confident person.

Researchers asked 41 university students to take three different kinds of photos during the day, over the course of 3 weeks.

These included a smiling selfie, a photo of something that made the student happy and a photo intended to make another person happy, which the student would then send to the person in mind.

At the end of the month, the study found that all three groups had experienced an overall increase in happiness. However, the group of selfie-takers reaped the biggest benefit, displaying a huge boost in confidence. Researchers found that some participants in the selfie group reported feeling more “mindful, reflective, and appreciative” with their smiling photos over time.

“As days went on, I got more comfortable taking photos of myself. If you feel good about yourself, then [a] selfie would be a way to capture that,” said one student.

So, why does posting selfies affect us so differently than scrolling through social media?

Kim Kardashian takes a photo with supermodel Naomi Campbell during the Los Angeles laugh of ‘Naomi’ at Taschen Beverly Hills, April 28 2016. Photo: Charley Gallay/ Getty Images for Taschen. 

Well, apparently, it has to do with making ourselves the center of attention. Instead of comparing ourselves to other people’s photos, this selfie-centric study shows what happens when we stop focusing on others and, instead, look at ourselves.


So forget what you’ve heard about the negative effects of technology and make like a Kardashian.



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