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The biggest MYTH in the mouth revealed!

I bet you didn’t know this about your mouth!

One of, if not THE, absolute biggest myths about cavities is that ‘no pain in the mouth means nothing is wrong with my teeth’. *insert gong bell sound* WRONG. Yes, you’re wrong. I’ll admit it’s not as satisfying as you would think to tell people that they are wrong. It’s common to believe that if you don’t get any sensitive or sore teeth, that it automatically means you don’t have any decay in your teeth. The misnomer is literally something I come across with almost EVERY patient of mine (except for my regular patients – I have taught them well).

While I agree, there are times where teeth are sensitive and/or sore and it’s because they do need medical attention. but 9 times out of 10, you won’t know if you’ve got a cavity. *play scary music*

Calm down. It doesn’t mean you’ve got a cavity in every tooth. It means it’s super important to get dental check up every 6 months so that someone qualified and well-equipped (called a dentist) can give you the all clear.

To my inquisitive readers – why, might you ask, are teeth behave like this? To quote Lady Gaga – “we were born this way”. Teeth act similar to heart disease, in that you don’t have a sore heart but that doesn’t mean you don’t have heart disease. Well, not having a sore tooth doesn’t mean you don’t have a cavity in it. Diabetes is another example… You get the point! It would actually be lovely if teeth became sore every time a cavity was starting to form, because that way we would intervene a lot sooner. The sooner you can detect a cavity, the smaller size it is, the better it’s chance of lasting long-term and preventing complications (such as needing root canal treatment to try to save the tooth).


Moral of the long story is to please get a check up by your dentist every 6 months.



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