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What’s the biggest risk when you whiten your teeth?

The biggest risk that you take when you whiten your teeth is revealed and it will surprise you! 


The biggest risk taken when you whiten your teeth is that it won’t work. It’s all about risk vs reward. The risk is that you’ve going to invest X amount of dollars into a product that may or may not deliver what it is designed to do. OR it will whiten your teeth but not meet your expectations of super white ‘Hollywood’ teeth. By the way, the bright white ‘Hollywood’ smile that you see on TV and movies – that’s not from whitening that’s from veneers. Now back to whitening – which tooth whitening products have the biggest risk of not working? Which products have the smallest risk of not working?

If you get your teeth whitened by anyone else but the dentist, you’re putting your money in the greatest risk. I would even go as far to say that you’re throwing your money down the drain to be perfectly blunt with you.  Examples are: a salesperson in a shopping centre trying to get you to whiten your teeth, a beauty therapist at a laser clinic or salon having a Christmas sale of dental whitening.

I went to my laser hair removal clinic and I noticed they were going hard on their marketing for tooth whitening. They recommended a minimum of 4-6 half hour sessions. It explained the more sessions you do, the better the results (and of course the more you pay). I inquired about the concentration of hydroxide peroxide they used. It took the beauty therapist a week to find out. She said they use 1% hydrogen peroxide. When I told her that dentists use between 6% to 35% concentration, her response was “I didn’t realise it goes that high”. Not only was she lacking in knowledge about the active ingredient, she also demonstrated a lack of understanding of how the whole whitening process works. This made me question if she was qualified to whiten anyone’s teeth. Besides this, there is no way you can get as good results whitening your teeth with 1% active ingredient compared to 35%.

It’s not my intention to put anyone’s qualifications down, but there is no question that no one is better qualified and safer to whiten your teeth that dentists are. We spend spend 5-7 years studying teeth. This is why we can use higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in the safest way possible while still getting the results of whiter teeth. If you are not a suitable candidate for whitening (let the dentist work that out), then I have no problem telling you this. I can advise you on alternative options to get you the results you are after without whitening your teeth, such as getting veneers done instead. The money you would have spent on whitening can go towards veneers instead.

When it comes to tooth whitening marketed by a salesperson or whoever, the inner sceptic believes if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.





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