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Jailed rapist Simon Monteiro lists demands such as soft-bristled toothbrush and root canal treatment

Even criminals care about their oral health. Here is playboy rapist Simon Monteiro’s long list of prison demands.

We take certain luxuries for granted, such as our beloved toothbrush. Life behind bars for infamous rapist Simon Monteiro is not as cushy as he would like so he has issued a list of demands to prison authorities, including a request to have a “soft-bristled toothbrush” and “be given immediate root canal therapy”.

Monteiro, 49, who was imprisoned in in Goulburn jail for 12 years in 2008 after being convicted of bashing, raping and twice impregnating his girlfriend 

Simon Monteiro was nicknamed the “playboy rapist” because he bragged about being a model and actor who once dated Hollywood star Barbara Hershey.


Former socialite, actor and model Simon Monteiro 

No. 18 – “Be given a full sized soft bristle toothbrush”

No. 26 “Be given immediate root canal therapy and pain relief”

The full list is written below. 




Why harder is not always better

Simon was onto something (how’s that for optimism!). The whole idea behind opting for as soft a toothbrush as possible is to be gentle enough to not damage the gums. Otherwise you can end up with receding gums. You really don’t want receding gums. It’s like a receding hairline. Except you can get sensitivity on the part of the teeth that used to be covered by the gum (you don’t get a sensitive head when you lose your hair… although certainly prone to sun burn).

If a bad toothbrush has damaged your teeth or gums, I’m sorry. There’s nothing worse than diligently brushing every day, only to find out your toothbrush has been hurting you the whole time. Changing your brush now can help prevent more damage in the future, and if you or your dentist sees damage, there may be some things that can be done to help.

I find people who switch from a hard manual toothbrush to a soft one, find that they’re not cleaning their teeth as well as they had been with the hard toothbrush. My mum is an example – she swears the hard toothbrush is better and won’t accept any of the soft toothbrushes I give her.

My personal preference is to just completely switch to an electric toothbrush. It not only cleans better than a manual (whether it is the hard or the soft type), but also you don’t have to worry about receding or non receding gums.


As for Simon’s demand for a soft toothbrush – surely Colgate might want to sponsor him one? “The Colgate soft bristle toothbrush range – the toothbrush of rapists”. Sounds catchy!


The rest of Simon’s list of demands:

1 Be put in a coastal prison facility and be allowed daily or weekend release for work, study and to visit his family

2 Not be required to share a cell

3 That he be allowed to buy a laptop or iPad for his legal cases and for education purposes

4 That he not be charged for photocopying for legal or educational purposes

5 That his Brooks Beast and New Balance orthopaedic shows be replaced along with his orthopaedic pillow

6 That charges, convictions and sentences for assaulting a prison guard, disobeying directions, intimidating or threatening a prison guard and threatening to rape a prison guard’s wife and children and kill them be set aside.

7 That the decision to institute new phone arrangements that prevent inmates having their calls transferred to their lawyers via Prisoner’s Legal Service and NSW Legal Aid be set aside.

8 A raw vegetable and salad-only diet, particularly kiwi fruit, oranges and mandarins to maintain his health and observe his Buddhist dietary requirements.

9 Be transported only in a sedan, station wagon or four-wheel-drive and never in a prison truck

10 Be allowed to see a psychiatrist, psychologist or counsellor paid for by the State

11 That he be compensated for property damaged at Junee prison between February 2012 and February 2013

12 That he be given permission to buy CDs, DVDs, MP3s and education material

13 That none of the above requests be denied on the grounds of, “in the interests of security and good order of the prison system.”

14 That he be invoiced for goods he has purchased at “Woolworths/Coles” prices and that he be allowed to buy electrical goods from The Good Guys

15 That he be compensated for full-time study

16 That he be allowed his request for extra tubs for his property and

be granted permission to store them in his cell

17 That all his interactions with prison guards be recorded

18 Be given a full sized soft bristle toothbrush

19 Be placed in holding cells alone

20 Ban all media publications, including books, which feature him from all NSW prisons

21 That he be excluded from all forms of collective punishment

22 Be given an orthopaedic mattress

23 That the State observes and actions all medical recommendations concerning him

24 Be given a fan heater

25 That he not be made to travel over bodies of water in a locked prison truck which if it crashed would lead to his death

26 Be given immediate root canal therapy and pain relief


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