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Why ‘tooth whitening’ should be added to your bucket list of Things To Do Before 30


I hate to sound ageist but the younger you are, the better whitening will work for your teeth. This is because the enamel is most porous and readily accepting of the whitening product. It’s also because the dentine underneath the enamel layer is at its thinnest thickness. As we age, the dentine gets thicker and this is what naturally makes our teeth look duller and darker. So it’s a bit ironic that when we are older is when we are most in need of whitening, yet the whitening works best when we are younger.

Moral of the story – prevention is better than cure. By the way same rule applies for Botox. Not that you need it.

Not to worry if you’re past 30, my beautiful readers! It just means that there is a greater chance it may not be as effective. You still may be a candidate for whitening – the dentist will need to check if you are suitable (there is more to it than how many years you’ve been on this planet!). You may be suitable for veneers instead if you are not suitable for whitening.





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